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ET8-120 120cm T8 LED Tube Light

T8 LED tube light ET8-120 length 1198mm (without pins); DC20-40V input; power consumption 17.2W; Lumen flux 1550lm (with milky PC cover)


Our T8 LED tube light ET8-60 is designed to replace fluorescent lamp, by using high quality light diffuser and high performance LEDs with perfect layout, the LED tube looks same as fluorescent lamp. By using our dedicated external LED driver, our LED tube light is particular suitable for the places where long period of lighting time is needed, like factories, underground car parks and convenient stores.

1. 3 years warranty, reliability (MTBF) is above 50 000 hours;
2. Operating at DC20-40V low voltage, high safety.
3. Dimmable by TRIAC dimmer.
4. Power input from one side, easy installation.
5. High lumen flux and non-dazzling.
6. CE Rohs

Factories’ production lines
Supermarket and convenient stores
Offices and conference room
Corridor and stairs
Hospitals and Schools
Car parks

Technical Data:

Item ET8-120
Dimension (Φ*L) Φ 26mm * L 1213mm
Input DC 20-40V
Power Consumption 17.2W
Lumen Flux 1550 lm
Illuminance 1m 412 lx
2m 134 lx
3m 70 lx
Net Weight 360g
Operating Environment -10~45℃ Indoor only
Reliability (MTBF) 50 000 hours

Note: The lumen flux is based on cool white 6000K color temperature.

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